January 19, 2010

The Newes from America

Another overdue post now on some Vacation Eats: A must-eat stop on ABF's list for Martha's Vineyard is The Newes from America, a cozy, welcoming pub just steps from the Edgartown harbor. We stopped by there last year and grabbed a late-night snack. This year we planned ahead better and stopped by for dinner on a cold, windy night (obviously the sign pic was snapped at another time ;)

It was pretty empty when we walked in--it was the tail end of Thanksgiving weekend and most people had cleared out already--so we had our pick of tables. We grabbed one right by the roaring fireplace--delightful! It smelled and sounded awesome...smoky and crackling and just the thing for a cold (and I mean COLD) winter's night.

We had tried the chowder.. I mean CHOWDAH..here last year, and we both jumped on the chance to have it again. There was no sharing this time--we each got our own. The bacon on top was crunchy and crispy, but honestly, I would have been happy without it, too. Just a crank or 2 of fresh-cracked black pepper is all this dish needs. So good!

Kevin ordered the steak frites, and this smelled scrumptious. He let me try a bite, and it was fantastic--lightly seasoned, just some salt, pepper, and perfectly-cooked meat. The frites weren't bad, either.

I can't explain what made me pick the chicken sandwich--probably the promise of melted pepper jack cheese and a chipotle sauce. I had NO idea this sandwich would be so outstanding. I gave ABF a bite, and he was impressed, too. This place takes what could be bland, basic pub fare, and makes it memorable. This chicken sandwich was DELICIOUS...it could have been a boring, unseasoned grilled chicken breast, but instead it was a savory, lip-smacking, peppery-cheesy bit of pub food perfection.

We were on the border of happily fed and almost stuffed, but we decided to split a dessert. I can't remember what we first picked, but I know I was looking forward to it, only to find out they'd run out (this is what happens when I don't take enough notes AND wait 2 months to post!) We settled on a butterscotch (sorry, I said toffee earlier) parfait that came topped with crumbled toffee pieces (yum) and layered with crumbled graham crackers--this would have been better if the graham crackers had been the kind coated in cinnamon-sugar. The flat, unseasoned graham crackers were a little bit stale...not so much a win. The butterscotch flavor was good but not great. Not terrible, but definitely not worth the splurge.

Dessert dissatisfaction aside, you can't beat the Newes for its atmosphere, its location, and overall, its food! We had come here the night before for a drink and chatted with the bartender, who was also our server this night. He chatted with us at length the night before, and recognized us that evening, too and made us feel quite welcome. I can definitely see why this has always been on ABF's 'must-visit' list...and I hope we visit them again soon!

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Kevin said...

I could go for some of that chowder right this very second and I wouldn't want to share it with anyone! I love the Newes from America - might be my favorite place anywhere.

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