November 24, 2010

My very first-ever Pecan Pie!

I admit it: I have long snubbed pecan pie.

My senior year of high school, this dessert, treacly sweet and inedible to me, was at every single college dinner, awards ceremony, etc. I put it aside and dismissed it as not worth the time and calories. But a while back, and I can't even remember where, I tasted a bite of ABF's dessert (he is a fan) and it was unlike any pecan pie I'd ever sampled. It wasn't so sweet that my teeth hurt, it had depth and texture and wasn't all gooey. Okay, time to tackle this treat after all.

I couldn't believe how simple it was to put together this pie! A handful of ingredients, some quick mixing, and then you pour it all into a pie crust full of pecans. I used the chopped bits, like Ree Drummond recommends, and I really liked this texture.

And the pecan bits really do float up to the top!

I was worried I might have overbaked it, but lo and behold it was FANTASTIC! I took a bite on Thanksgiving night and was both relieved and happy that it was so tasty. I think ABF was happy fact he just said he 'loved it,' and that's pretty much all the feedback this girl needs. :)

Try Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman)'s recipe here!


Amelia said...

Looks great and I bet it tasted that way too!

LKPheartsfood said...

Miss Amelia--it wouldn't come close to yours but I think you would have approved!! :)

Axelrod said...

I saw this on Ree's blog and immediately printed it. It's currently on my counter to make! Too funny.

Anonymous said...

luv your blog....thanks for sharing...Anna

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