November 23, 2010

Sweet Potato Rolls

I baked. So help me, I baked rolls. For Thanksgiving Day! And they were good. Sound the village bells!

On top of the pecan and cherry pies, I got inspired to make these rolls for Thanksgiving, too!

Thanks to another stellar recipe from The Kitchn, I personally created soft, delicious sweet potato dinner rolls. I was initially terrified of having to let the dough rise. What if it didn't rise? What if it didn't rise enough? Oh, to have back that wasted time. This recipe couldn't be easier.

Baking the potato is the most time consuming part of this! I put the potato in the oven while I got all the other ingredients ready.

I carefully added each ingredient to my awesome Kitchenaid mixer (a hand-me-down from my mutha), crossing fingers and holding my breath in hopes that it would all come together nicely.

The dough comes together quickly and gets quite sticky. Don't get nervous--it's gonna be okay.

I put it in another mixer bowl and covered it for an hour or so until it doubled in size...and while I worried it might not, it absolutely did. This bread is officially idiot-proof.

And more fun stuff: shaping the rolls!

I made these about 2 inches wide, because they had to rise again for about an hour.

They did rise for about 30 more minutes before I brushed them with butter and put them in the oven. Great googaly moogaly, these were awesome!

These were SO fun to make, and so truly easy. As a non-baker (who's learning to be less and less afraid of it), I have to recommend the Kitchn's recipe: go here to get it!

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