November 03, 2010

Milk Bar

After a birthday dinner at Ma Peche with That Sara (see the review here), we walked out to the adjoining Milk Bar to get some dessert. There's a Milk Bar on 2nd Avenue I'd been meaning to hit forever (I STILL want to try their crack pie with its oat cookie crust!), but like so many items on 'The List,' I just hadn't gotten to it. The newer outpost in front of Má Pêche opened earlier this year, and I was just as happy to get to this location.

I had my heart set on the banana cake (above), which looked insanely deilcious (banana cream, hazelnut crunch, gianduja fudge!), but the helpful server at the counter explained, sadly, that you can't get cake by the slice there. They only sell entire cakes. Le sigh. Instead, he countered, you could get cake 'truffles', aka round, bite-sized portions of the cakes.

We opted to get both the banana cake and the apple cake (seen left, which the server said was his favorite).

The truffles come in sets of 3, so we grabbed one of each cake type.

We also opted to split some of the soft-serve ice cream, which was salted caramel & pistachio. The server was nice enough to put a serving into two separate dishes for us (we split one serving and it was WAY more than enough). There's no seating in the Milk Bar, but you are welcome to sit in the lobby of the adjoining hotel, which is what we did!

I love both the flavors in the soft serve, so I thought I'd really love them together. I did not. Sara loved this but there was some weird tang to it that just hit my tongue wrong. I didn't finish this.. bleargh...but I know Sara really enjoyed it.

The cake balls, however, were oh-so-good. Imagine taking a Munchkin to previously-unseen heights of deliciousness. I was surprised that I didn't really care for the banana cake ball, though I think Sara preferred this. I felt that all the flavors just got lost when compressed into a bite-size truffle.

However, I was in tastebud love with the apple bites. These reminded me of the old school fruit pies, you know, the kind that rarely had any actual fruit? Perhaps the creators would be insulted that their treats reminded me of such low-brow fare, but it was like low-brow fare gone upscale and it made my tongue happy. And oh, I will be back for more apple cake truffles!!!!!

Milk Bar
15 W. 56th Street (between 5th and 6th Aves
New York, NY
United States
(212) 757-5878

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