November 30, 2010

Back to the Black Dog

One trip to the Black Dog is NEVER ABF & I stopped by one afternoon to try some more sweet treats.

I picked up a Boston Creme donut--one of my favorites--so the bar was already pretty high. It looked delicious and it felt pretty heavy, aka full of yummy filling!

ABF picked up the Black Dog's famous ginger cookies. I actually did a doubletake when ABF ordered this, because he is usually so not a fan of ginger. That ban lifts for this cookie!

And now I know why. It's soft, but not fall-apart soft, and slightly chewy. This cookie has a lot of ginger flavor but a nice dose of molasses, too. THIS is a great cookie. Any ginger that wins over ABF is a heckuva cookie.

The donut was just as great. ABF wasn't too interested at first, but then he took a bite (I always share) and declared it 'pillowy soft,' which was the perfect description. Even in the middle of the afternoon, this donut was fresh and finger-looking-scrumptious. Oh man...and they didn't skimp on the filling, either

There are plenty of delicious reasons why The Black Dog is so popular--and on our must-visit list every time we come to the Vineyard (which is never often enough)!

The Black Dog Bakery
11 Water Street
Vineyard Haven, MA

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