July 13, 2009


My love affair with IKEA goes back many, many moons. I first noticed them in the credits of MTV's "Real World," back when all they made was cheap MDF-board items that were great for dorm rooms, but not so much real life. When I moved to Houston, there was an IKEA right off I-10 (and 15 minutes from my apartment!) Their items were already getting better, and I was soon a devotee. I still love the kitchen table I bought in 2000 for 80 bucks (they no longer make this model). It's sturdy, well-made, and I still adore it! God bless those Swedes!

My BF is in the process of buying a new apartment, which will require new furniture/furnishings, so I was more than happy to join him this weekend for a trip through the Hicksville IKEA. But the furniture, dishes, etc. aren't the only draw. It also happens to be a favorite Cheap Eats spot of ours.

Can you believe this chick had never eaten at an IKEA before last year? I was always there on a mission, and didn't want to 'waste time' eating there. Ah, foolish youth.

This weekend, after a few hours of walking around on an empty stomach, I got a sudden buzz of head rush while still standing. I brushed it off, but the BF wisely said "I think it's time to get some lunch." You don't have to tell me twice--Swedish meatballs!!! We got in line at the cafeteria-style eatery and hit the ground running. I ordered the Swedish meatballs. They used to come with mashed potatoes (one of my favorite foods in the world), but I was disappointed to see now they offered red bliss potatoes instead. I asked sweetly (and politely) if I could have another scoop of gravy for my meatballs. The BF darted a look at me (he's SOOOOO not the special request type) but I just kept smiling at the woman, who smiled back and ladled on another splash of the creamy brown gravy. Excelsior! I may have shot a 'look' back at the BH (with a twinkle in my baby blues, of course) as I moved down the line.>{?

The BF ordered Chicken Marsala, which wasn't on the menu last time we went. He also got a side salad. We both got drinks, and the total was 16 dollars and change. Ka-ching! Cheap Eats!

Of course, there's little point to touting a Cheap Eats spot if it's not tasty. IKEA Café always makes us happy. The chicken Marsala was a real chicken breast (not that scary, pounded, processed kind) and the veggies were crisp and perfectly cooked. The Marsala wasn't exactly like we're used to, but it was still delicious. While I was at first bummed to see boiled potatoes instead of mashed, I was quickly won over. The potatoes were perfectly cooked: smooth, creamy, and just fabulous. I loved my dish so much that I dared to let foods touch. That's right. Not only did I let the gravy go everywhere, I even added bits of lingonberry sauce to each bite. I combined sweet and savory with (little to) no trepidation!
I took a close-up shot to email to my mother, who will require proof of such a claim.

On our way out, Kevin grabbed a coffee and a cinnamon roll. I didn't think I wanted one. When you have a mom like mine whose rolls are like cinnamon-laced crack, it's a tough act to follow. However, Kevin asked me to 'hold' his roll while he ran to the restroom. So maybe I sampled a bite (or four) while waiting. I was trying to get to the soft center of the roll before he came back. I wish I'd taken a shot of his expression as he saw he had maybe 2/3 of a roll left. Sucker! ;) I mean...thank you for sharing, Sweetie. :)

1100 Broadway Mall
Hicksville, NY 11801
(516) 681-4532


Axelrod said...

I LOVED Ikea until that fateful day about a year ago at the one in Red Hook. Between the unhelpful sales people and the delivery line taking 3(!!!!) hours to get through, then not getting the right parts, it was just all too much.
What a sad sad day that was. Though I do miss those meatballs!

LKPheartsfood said...

I agree--Brooklyn IKEA needs to get its mind right. I haven't been back to that one either--but I would go back just for dinner! ha.

MTL said...

I remember IKEA. Haven't been there in years, but I remember they sold these things called Daim bars....best candy ever!

LKPheartsfood said...

MTBLaura--they still sell those Daim candies! I will have to try them on my next visit. :)

Kristin said...

OMG...the meatballs...be still my heart! I live for those meatballs...delicious!

Stefan Jansson said...

I'm born and raised with IKEA. But I have to confess that I haven't been to my local IKEA outside Stockholm for many years. But I have of course tried the meatballs (or köttbullar as we like to call them) and as I remember them they were OK. The Daim bar is a favorite, not sure why but they have changed the spelling. It used to be called Dajm.

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