July 18, 2009

Must. Have. Pancakes.

I eat pancakes about once a year...maybe twice if I hit a diner. I'm just really more the savory breakfast food person than sweet. But something hit me this past Saturday. Something primal and urgent that would not be denied. PANCAKES! my belly rumbled. I ignored it and had my 2 poached eggs. Hours later....the rumbling continued. I was sifting through crap that had accumulated in my front hallway when I came upon some raspberry syrup I bought up in VT (clearance--2.50--ka-ching!) It was then, as they say, on. One word of advice: It's best to mix the dry and wet ingredients separately, then mix both together only until combined, as this and myriad other recipes so dictate. Also, don't OVERmix it, or you'll get the glutens in the mix all mad and tough. That's not good for anyone.<

At a cost of mere pennies a serving, this DEFINITELY qualifies as a recession recipe. I used this recipe and had a batch of springy, fluffy pancakes in no time. I'm no barbarian, so of course I warmed up the syrup as well. I poured a Texas-sized glass of ice cold milk, cued up this week's "Burn Notice" on my DVR, and had a damn tasty evening. Cheers!

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