July 20, 2009

Vacation Eats

I still haven't posted half of what we ate/tried in Montréal--funny how present-day life just gets in the way sometimes. But this one particular meal will not be forced to the back of the 'to blog' posts; it will not let me relegate it to a dusty pile of fading memories. It will be recognized!

Our last stop in Montréal was also one of our best. Before the BF and I hopped on our rented bicycles, we wisely decided to fuel up with an early lunch. We walked just a few steps from our hotel to les gourmet pressés (touting their gourmet pressed sandwiches). I'd seen a few of these around the city, but never stepped inside. I am oh-so-glad we did.

This place specializes in pressed sandwiches made with baguettes. And these are not the doughy, flat, uninspired baguettes you may have tried at your local grocery store. These. were. awesome. A gentle crunch on the outside, soft on the inside--not so hard that all the fillings squish out when you eat them. I got the common but still fabulous ham & brie, with a honey-mustard dressing, tomatoes, etc. BF opted for the grilled chicken with mayo, cheese, etc. We took our first bites and exchanged 'The Look.' You know that Look...the look that comes over you when what you've tasted is so much better than you expected. i could tell the BF was wishing he'd ordered mine, so I let him finish it off. I'm nice like that. ;)

I'm happy to report that this trip also gave the BF a new appreciation for well-crafted espresso. I had at least one café au lait a day, and every time I ordered one, the BF would sample it and inevitably go back and order one for himself. Like this one.

We also had lovely service--they bring the food to your table, and the young man behind the counter helped us in both English and French. He was polite, friendly, and a pleasure to meet. Highly recommended if you're ever in Montréal--especially the location on St. Jacques Street!

Les Gourmets Pressés Bistro
406 Rue Saint Jacques
Montréal, Quebec H2Y 0A2
(514) 937-6555

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