July 23, 2009


Park Slope's 5th Avenue is practically bursting with delicious eating options. One of my favorites is Lobo. I believe there are a few other locations, but this is the only one I've visited. They're known for 'Tex-Mex,' and having lived (and eaten a LOT) in Texas, I will tell you it's Tex-Mex with some poetic (cooking) license. Their food is good, it's just a little off from what it really tastes like in Texas (and oh dear, does it taste good in TX). The pictures in this post are from a visit to Lobo a few months ago (pre-money crackdown) with my friend Laura, who started a 'Brooklyn Brunch' tradition with me a few years ago (a tradition that's been on hold as of late, naturally).

I usually get their Huevos Rancheros (I think I've mentioned a time or 12 that I love that dish). You can add just about anything to them, and in this case I chose the chorizo. It wasn't as spicy as I was hoping for, but I still ate every bite. They're good. Not spectacular, but good. It goes nicely with their salsa, which is so packed with pepper (black pepper, not the veggie, so it has a smaller chance of taking out my dear friend Sara) that sometimes it takes me by surprise.

What keeps me coming back, however, are their margaritas (which qualify as their own food group in my life). A particular favorite of mine is their Sangre de Lobo (wolf's blood..sounds better in Spanish, no?) It's made with a cinnamon-infused tequila that is YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I also love their jalapeno-infused tequila. The sangre margarita is a little sweet, but sometimes that's exactly what I want. The pepper-infused tequila is awesome--tart and smoky and a slowly-building heat that really bounces off the coolness of the liquid.

Prices are reasonable--not super cheap, but not expensive either. Service has always been great here, too, which is a big reason why I keep returning. It's definitely worth a visit, even if just to linger over a 'rita or two....

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The Minimalist said...

that drink looks delishh!

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