July 28, 2009

Experimental Baking

This weekend the BF & I decided to experiment with cookies. I learned that the BF has long been legendary for his chocolate chip cookies. He has the Tollhouse recipe memorized (I still have to look at the bag), and he is not afraid to tinker with it! He had some almond meal he picked up at Trader Joe's, and we decided to mess around with ratios (fractions! I'm doing math and I'm liking it!) and even add some oatmeal...along with some M & Ms...and maybe some walnuts (I also have my BF to thank for my new appreciation for walnuts--they're wonderful on just about anything!) Yum.

The first batch came out pretty flat and crumbly (a side effect of using the almond meal), but super-delicious. The BF, being the smart man he is, decided to add more regular flour, as it seemed that equal parts almond meal and oatmeal are not sufficient as-is to sub. The second batch turned out more cookie-like, and also delicious. Brilliant! I did prefer, just a little bit more, the flavor of the first round, but the second round was still scrumptious. My BF does not skimp on salt--in fact, he adds a dash or 3 more than the recipe calls for--and it gives the cookies a serious, salty slant. It balances nicely with the sweetness of the chocolate, but if you're not into salty, just stick with the regular amount (and maybe half a dash more--try it!)

Our latest experiment was a success--except for the fact that I forgot to bring home some cookies with me!

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