July 06, 2009

Berry Simple Sauce

Blueberries are always popping up on lists of "Top Foods" or "10 foods you should eat every day," etc. They're increasingly becoming a favorite of mine. Fresh Direct had a sale on pints last week, so I bought some and kept...well..neglecting them. I realized they were about to go bad if I didn't act, so I decided to make a favorite standby: blueberry sauce!

I don't get too fancy. I pick off any visible stems and dump the whole pint in the saucepan. Some people add water, but I just add the berries. I mash them and as the mixture heats up and starts liquefying, I add a tablespoon of sugar (or agave or honey, whatever is on hand) at a time. Taste as you go--you can always add more sugar if you need it, but too much at once and it will make your teeth hurt! These berries were super sweet, so I only added about 2 Tablespoons of sugar. Some people will then put the sauce in a processor and/or strain it, but I like the chunks. Yes, I'm growing up ;).

I had some Haagen-Dazs vanilla in the freezer, so I spooned the hot sauce over the ice cream, whipped up some fresh whipped cream, and made my taste buds quite happy on a warm summer night.


Jenny said...

Can you freeze the mixture in small portions and thaw as needed?

LKPheartsfood said...

You absolutely could, Miss Jenny! It just never lasts that long around me. ;)

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