March 06, 2013

Blue Plate Diner (Middletown, RI)

ABF & I took an impromptu weekend trip up to Newport, Rhode Island. Any New England getaway is fine with me! We stayed just down the road from Blue Plate Diner, which is fairly new but already popular with the locals. It's in Middletown, just a 5-minute drive from downtown Newport.
We stopped in there between the lunch & dinner rush, and I spotted the FourSquare sticker on the door. I checked in and they offered 5 dollars off our tab of 25 or more (we were apparently the first ones to use this deal, but it went through just fine)--you know I love saving money!

I wanted something marginally healthy, so I opted for a Cobb salad (one of my dishes I love to compare from place to place). This was so good. I don't know what they do with their hard-boiled eggs, but these were the best I've ever had: soft, flavorful, I even ate the yolks! Winner.

I also had a nice, piping hot mug of coffee with cream. It was freeeeeezing out that weekend!

ABF ordered the burger, and of course he offered me a bite! This was fresh, scrumptious, and juicy.
Our food came quickly, the staff were friendly, and every bite was so, so good.

Blue Plate Diner

665 W Main Rd

Middletown, RI 02842

(401) 848-9500

March 01, 2013

Lexington Brass: Happy Hour

I enjoyed a lovely brunch the Lexington brass just a few months ago (post here!), and I said I'd happily return. Not long ago, a friend I happened to be nearby right around happy hour. We exchanged the 'shall we?' look and popped inside. We found 2 seats at the gorgeous marble bar and had the same server (Mishaya-- I am sure I'm spelling that improperly--sorry) as Brad & I did last time. She's friendly, helpful, and mixes a mean drink.
Our drinks were not only beautiful to look at, they were absolutely delicious. The Anjou was light, sweet without being overly so and absolutely refreshing.
The Anjou ($13) for me: with pear vodka, spiced pear, lemon & ginger fizz.
The Sweet Savannah ($12) for my gal pal: Absolut wild tea vodka, white peach, crushed mint. Aren't they lovely?

The cheese plate was delicious with a chewy raisin bread, rich fig chutney and a sensational thick, delicious honey to go with the blue cheese and other harder cheeses.

This is not a cheap eats, per se, but it's definitely a bargain. Perfectly mixed drinks with refreshingly welcome service and a great atmosphere where we could actually hear each other talk -what a nice change!
Fig chutney, bleu cheese, manchego drizzled w/honey
There's a good after work crowd, and of course visitors staying at the attached hotel. It's a sorely-needed spot in that bit of Midtown East.

Lexington Brass
517 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10017
(212) 392-5976

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