December 01, 2010

Ferry Good Food

On our way out of Vineyard Harbor, ABF & I decided to grab a light lunch/late breakfast. The food options on the ferry were pretty impressive. Not only can you get the usual coffee and chowdah but they even had pizza, desserts, salads, and adult beverages!

It was a bit early for me to get a margarita or even a cute little bottle of Sutter Home, so I opted for splitting a hot cocoa with ABF.

It was the old-fashioned machine kind that I remember from the good old days, and of course ABF let me push the button. Mmm...tasted like nostalgia.

We also split a chowdah, but not just any old clam chowdah--it was quahog chowdah! It was also remarkably good. I might have burned my tongue a few times in my eagerness to eat it.

We also split one of ABF's favorite things: a breakfast sandwich. This was also pretty yummy, with fluffy eggs, spicy sausage, and a buttery biscuit.

Boy, ferry food sure has come a long way since I was a kid.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! I love seafood like you wouldn't believe and Martha's Vineyard has so many great options when it comes to seafood. It never occurred to me, though, that even the seafood on the ferry from Martha's Vineyard would be good. Can't wait to try it!

LKPheartsfood said...

Thanks for stopping by, Aria! Don't burn your tongue like I did ;)

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