December 09, 2010

Another Foodie Friend!

My friend MK has launched her own food blog this week, and I'm so excited to have her join us! The photo to the right is of us from way back when--she was one of my first friends in NYC. Over the last few years she has developed allergies to shellfish and other seafood (no sushi for her boo!), but she's not giving up on having a delicious life! MK's blog will feature recipes for people with food allergies, but it's just as delicious for people who don't have allergies, too!

You may also remember her appearing a few times on this blog, including the time where she brought in homemade cupcakes and kugel last year. YUM!

Why don't you pop on over to her new blog, Epi-Curious (as in epi-pen! Do you like the name? I hope so--I came up with it--ha!!!), right now!

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