December 16, 2010


While going through my old photos I came upon the road trip I took with Jen a while ago. We piled into a rental car and headed out towards Philadelphia, where she'd put some stuff in storage for her temporary move to Venezuela. I suggested, since we were going to be in the area, that it might be the perfect time to stop by two legendary establishments in Philly: Pat's and Geno's cheesesteaks.

You can't miss Geno's---it's standing out on the corner in a blaze of glory. The people were lining up quickly, too. While Jen ran to Pat's to pick up a cheesesteak, I zipped out and picked us up a wiz wit' (aka cheesesteak with Cheez Wiz and onions) at Geno's. I am normally averse to Cheez Wiz, but trust me...don't get provolone--do it 'right.'

Pat's is a little more low-key, and a literal stone's throw from Geno's.

Don't let the lack of flash or crowds in this shot throw you. There were people in line at Pat's too, but they're around the corner and out of camera range.

We each took half of a cheesesteak and happily ate them. Mmmm...cheesy.

One can't rush a decision--here I am, with a yapful of cheesesteak, deliberating.

My final decision? They were both good, but I preferred Pat's--they had a better meat/cheese ratio. However, the onions at Geno's were like crack, and I wish I'd had more of those. Either way, you can't lose. I think it might be time for ABF & me to make a journey back to Philly!

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