December 31, 2010

Looking Back: 2010's Best Recipes

2010 is coming to an end tonight, and I must say: I am READY! Bring on 2011! But first, a look back at my 10 favorite recipes of the year. There are a few more worth checking out, but 10 in 2010 had a nice ring to it. ;)

Most of these recipes are actually quite simple, maybe 3 or 4 ingredients, tops. Others require a little more, but they're hardly complicated. And every one of them is worth trying and enjoying! You know me by now--great food can be easy and affordable!

Garlic-chive butter: ABF's signature compound butter. It will transform your breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

This Watermelon salad will rock your palate with 4 ingredients, 0 cooking time, unlimited flavor.

Oh, the scrumptious Samantha sandwich! Learn more about Samantha here!

Key Lime Martini--This will beat any overpriced cocktail you ever try out there. Don't take my word for it, though. Try it yourself, thank me later :)

Crustless mini-quiche: so addicting--don't let the low-carb, gluten-free, and possibly vegetarian labels throw you off. I will always have some of these in my freezer!

Pecan pie: I had no idea this pie was so simple to make, and so meltingly, buttery, marvelous goodness. The Yankee in me done got a taste for some Southern sweetness, I do declare!

Sea salt caramels--this is a bit labor-intensive, but oh my WORD is the sweet, buttery payoff worth every moment spent standing over the stove.

Sure-fire short ribs: inspired by a Giada di Laurentiis recipe, this has become a staple in my house. It's even better the next day...or the next...if it lasts that long.

Turkey Stroganoff--I could eat this several times a week (and sometimes have). Swap out Greek yogurt for the sour cream and I promise you won't miss it!

Have a happy and delicious 2011!!!

1 comment:

amy said...

um...YUM! holy cow! i'm smitten by the key limtini, the pecan pie, the quiche and that buttah! gah! i need a drip tray for my saliva!!!

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