January 01, 2011

Arugula & Hazelnut Salad

New Year's Eve is a great night to stay in, make a good meal, share a bottle of delicious wine. ABF & I started off our awesome dinner with our newest favorite salad. It's an arugula salad with gorgonzola, pear, and hazelnuts. We shared this salad at Bocca ($11 dollars and horrible service) and decided to make it for New Year's Eve (much cheaper and no drama :)

It's amazing how such simple, fresh ingredients can be so surprisingly good together.

And it couldn't be easier--chop some fresh pear (we used Anjou because the Bosc weren't ripe yet), crumble some gorgonzola, and toss in some chopped hazelnuts (which ABF shelled and I roasted).

The peppery arugula pairs perfectly with a robust red wine, which w
e shared over dinner (a J. Lohr cabernet-sauvignon).

Whatever you had for dinner on New Year's Eve, I hope it was delicious!

1 comment:

Diana said...

This looks SO good. Mmmmm.

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