January 23, 2011

Applejack Diner

I finally stopped in for lunch with a friend at a place I've passed for years: Applejack Diner. I walked by it every day for 4 years when I worked at the talk show, but never went inside. I met my friend L for lunch on a cold, snowy day and she suggested this spot!

The menu is overwhelming: page after page of distractingly good possibilities (and breakfast all day!) It took me a good while to settle on the green salad with turkey, veggies, and bacon. I think you know what clinched it for me (psst! It was the bacon).


L ordered the French onion soup, and it looked cheesily fantastic. One look at that super-tempting tendril of cheese and I swore to come back and order this myself.

Doesn't it look absolutely divine?

She also ordered the meatloaf special, which came with a generous serving of brown gravy on the side, green beans, and a baked potato. A feel good Sunday dinner on a weekday. I tried a bite of the meatloaf and it was oniony, tasty, and not at all dry. Plus? Gravyyyyyyy....

Even better than the food was the service--our server was really insistent that we enjoy our food--when I wasn't sold on the salad she told me to try it, and promised that if I didn't love it, she'd whisk it away and bring back something I would like. Her assuring tone sold me, and I was quite happy with the fresh, crunchy, satisfying salad.

If you're wandering around Midtown, stop in at Applejack and enjoy!

Applejack Diner
1725 Broadway (at 55th St)
New York, New York 10019
(212) 586-6075

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