January 08, 2011

Pongsri with ABF

ABF's sister gave us tickets to "Jersey Boys" for Christmas (great show! loved it!), so we picked a nearby restaurant for the pre-show dinner: Pongrsi Thai, a favorite standby of mine for years and years (and reviewed here in a visit with That Sara).

ABF had never been before, but he's growing to enjoy Thai food more and more, so he happily joined me. He didn't enjoy the Thai Iced Tea he'd sipped at Tai Tai (too sweet for him), but he decided to take another chance on Pongrsi Thai's version. It was not quite as devastatingly sweet, and he really liked it. I ordered the Thai iced coffee and loved it as usual.

We each ordered the Tom Yum Gong soup, which came with shrimp. We're still trying to find one as close to the awesome one we tried in Montreal, but we'll just have to keep searching. This one was a little too salty for ABF, but I enjoyed it.

ABF also ordered the Siam rolls, which were crispy and flavorful, with a sausage-like flavor and a tasty plum sauce. He enjoyed these more than I did, but they were good, and only $4.95 for all that food!

I perused the expansive menu before finally deciding to get one of my favorite dishes: Big Bird's Love Nest. It's a bowl of fried vermicelli with chicken, red peppers, carrots, celery, pineapples, and a hearty dusting of chili peppers. This is a spectacular dish, and ABF came back for at least 3 bites. Normally I take half of this home for the next day, but I didn't want to carry a to-go back to the show, so I was more than happy to share it all with my dimpled date.

ABF ordered the chicken pad thai and really enjoyed this--I tried a bite or two and thought it was good, but it did not come close to my dish!

Our service was fantastic, the food was even better, and we enjoyed every moment there. It was also Christmas week, so I think everyone was still in an especially festive mood. I think ABF will gladly go back there with me! If you're in midtown, going to a show, or just looking for delicious, affordable Thai food, visit Pongsri!

Pongsri Thai
244 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 582-3392 or (212) 957-8674

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