January 28, 2011

Easy-Peasy Pulled Pork

3 ingredients, one pot, and effortless cooking add up to one delicious dish!
How easy is THAT!?

ABF recently joined the ranks of We Who Love Our Slow Cookers. He browsed through the pamphlet that came with his appliance, and we saw a 3-ingredient recipe for pulled pork. Simple, cheap, AND delicious? Don't mind if we do!

All you need are a pork roast (on sale at Pathmark for FOUR! DOLLARS!), some tasty BBQ sauce, and one onion (I'd vote yellow or white).

Place the roast fat side up, quarter the onion, and douse it with one cup of the sauce.

Put it on the 8 or 10-hour setting, and let it be! This is the hardest part for me. For someone who loves surprises, who has only peeked at presents twice in my life, I have a terrible habit of lifting the lid and poking around in there, just making sure 'everything's okay.' Believe me, it is. Don't be like me. Each time you lift the lid, you're slowing it down by about 30 minutes.

Once the pork is done (it falls apart when you tear it with a fork), remove as much of the fat as you'd like from the top and remove the onion quarters. Shred the pork into chunks --which I did while it was still in the cooker--and mix it up with the juices and sauce.

This is delicious just about any way you can make it: on its own as a main, on a toasted bun as a sandwich, even spooned over some greens for a decadent salad. It tastes better with each day, and honestly, can it get any easier?? Chop, pour, set, walk away, return to yumminess. This is already in heavy rotation--and guests who taste it will be shocked at how easy it is to make.


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Christie O. said...

girl you're speakin my language!!!! my recipe is almost identical except switch out the onion for 1 can of coke! seriously, bbq sauce, pork and coke! it's the most amazing thing EVAHHHHH!! and then you grab some coleslaw and a bun and you pile the pulled pork onto the bun and top it with coleslaw and then it's a pulled pork coleslaw sandwich and you've just died and gone to heaven, but oh my i've said too much...

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