January 09, 2011

Re Sette

Sometimes getting snowed in can be quite delicious!

During yet another threat of a blizzard (or "A Chance at Atoning for the Screwup Bloomberg & CO made by NOT clearing the streets for 5 days in the last snowfall"), our company paid to put us up in hotel rooms for a night so we could make it to work more easily. My friend Patty and I stopped for an early dinner at Resette, where their prix fixe menu caught our eye. $35 for 3 courses and a free glass of wine/coffee/tea!

It as 4:30pm, but remember my day starts around 4am (so does Patty's!), so I was ready for dinner! The staff graciously welcomed us and got us a table right away.

We started with complimentary bruschetta, buttery-garlicky crunchy-topped slices of bread topped with a tomato-onion-basil mixture. Scrumptious!

My prix fixe dinner came with a glass of wine, so I ordered the house red. It was a perfectly lovely wine, fruity, medium bodied, and quite enjoyable. though I never did get a chance to ask what kind it was. I called the restaurant later and found out it's a red zinfandel by Klein.

For my appetizer, I ordered the Caesar salad. It came with polenta 'croutons' and generous shavings of Parmesan. This was okay, but nothing super notable. The polenta croutons were an interesting change.

Patty ordered the minestrone soup. It was different from the minestrone you might expect, featuring different vegetables and yet was still enjoyable.

I knew I'd get the main dish the second I saw the menu outside: Maialino Ubraico, baby pork loins in a grappa-cranberry reduction. The mashed potatoes were just okay, but this reduction was outstanding. The pork was tender and just a little crispy on the outside, and I ate every last bite.

Patty ordered the penne bolognese and this was melt-in-your-mouth magnifico. The pasta was soft and buttery, and the bolognese was incredibly light and rich, with earthy mushrooms and perfectly-cooked peas. Sometimes bolognese can be weighed down a bit with heavy cream, etc, but not this version!

For dessert, I ordered the tiramisu (a standard favorite of mine), and this was simply lovely. Light, airy mascarpone filling, espresso-drenched ladyfingers, and just enough bite in the cocoa powder. So good!

Patty ordered the house-made gelato, which sounded promising but actually fell a bit flat. I thought the mascarpone flavor was quite nice, sweet and tangy, but we both thought the pistachio was surprisingly bland. What a shame! Lovely presentation, though.

Patty's prix fixe beverage of choice was the coffee (which she ordered with dessert), which was a small personal-sized pot with matching creamer--what a cute little setting!

Re Sette means "Seven Kings" in Italian, and apparently there's a HUGE room upstairs with a table that seats up to 40, meant to evoke the era of sitting at a king's sumptuous table, etc. Our table for two was equally decadent, and we enjoyed every bite, as well as the attentive, friendly, and jovial service. The staff went out of their way to make sure we were happy with everything, and we will definitely recommend this spot to others!

Re Sette
7 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 221-7530

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