January 25, 2011

Famous Dave's BBQ

While stranded in the city during one of our many snowstorms, some coworkers and I wandered a few steps from the office to get an actual away-from-the-desk dinner. I hadn't realized there was a Dave's Famous BBQ in Times Square. ABF & I go once a year or so to the Long Island location. Their smoked salmon dip is beyond craveable, so I thought that might be worth a trip to this one.

First thing I noticed on the menu: they don't HAVE the smoked salmon dip at this location. BLAST!

We'd all worked long days and were pretty tired after sleeping on rock-hard hotel mattresses, so two of us started with their Happy Hour specials: draft beers for 3 dollars. Yes, THREE dollars. We each got a Blue Moon (one of the few beers I really enjoy).

I ordered the Devil's Spit (what a name) burger because it claimed to have quite a kick. It had the Devil's Spit BBQ sauce, pepper-Jack cheese, jalapeno bacon and "Hell-Fire" pickles. However, the burger was not really spicy, and the pickles were sweet--feh. I removed the pickles and ate most of the burger, but didn't think it was noteworthy by any stretch.

Speaking of Devil's Spit, that's just one of the names of their house BBQ sauces, and one of my favorites. But my all-time favorite? The Rich N Sassy!

Yeah, that's a keeper.

Patty ordered the pulled chicken sandwich, and she liked it, but wasn't over the moon for it. It sure did look super cheesy and tasty to me.

Our friend Melanie (of Epi-Curious) ordered the salad with crispy chicken. It was a huge, fresh serving, with a tiny corn muffin on the side. She seemed to really enjoy it, and they got her specific order (dressing on the side, no this, no that) just the way she wanted it, including extra tomatoes (even though the server accidentally wrote down NO tomatoes!), so that's good.

Our server was great and attentive, the food came quickly, and it was fine. It wasn't outrageously priced either, which is rare for that area. I still prefer the Westbury (Long Island) location, but if you're desperate for a meal and in that normally overpriced area, stop in for a bite, especially during Happy Hour!

Famous Dave's BBQ
171 West 47th Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 764-1899

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