December 02, 2010

Molly's Tea Room

After (reluctantly) leaving Martha's Vineyard, ABF and I stopped in Falmouth, just minutes away from the ferry, and opted to walk around a bit before the long drive home to NYC. We walked along the main strip and saw Molly's Tea House, which I assumed at first was just a gift shop. It was fairly big inside and we decided to stay and grab a bite.

We'd shared food on the ferry already so I wasn't super hungry, but I knew it would also be a long time before we stopped again! I ended up getting yet another bowl of chowdah, especially since the man at a nearby table told us it was the best in town. You can never have too much chowdah!

ABF got the half-sandwich & soup combo, opting for egg salad on marble rye bread and of course, chowdah.

And you can't go to a tea house and NOT order a pot of tea. ABF & I shared a pot of Irish Breakfast, one of my all-time favorite blends (right next to Earl Grey)!

The tables all come with hourglass timers to time out the steeping of the tea. Fun!

The chowder was delicious, though I still daresay the chowdah at Warren's in Kittery Maine is THE best. ABF gave me a bite of his sandwich too and I thought it was good, but preferred the chowder.

I also got a mini eclair for the road (aka for eating as soon as we got back into the car). It was tasty and even though I shared a few bites with ABF, it was still enough for me...just a little sweetness to end the meal.

Molly's has good prices and excellent service, so I would definitely recommend it if you're in town!

Molly's Tea Room
227 Main Street
Falmouth, MA
(508) 457-1666

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