November 10, 2011

CT: Eramosa-- Breakfast

We still had a credit leftover from dinner the night before at Eramosa, so Jen A & I decided to start the day with a healthy breakfast.

We shared the homemade cinnamon scone--it was a good size and tasty, but not out of this world. I could have skipped this part, but it was fine.

The granola jumped out at both of us--plain yogurt, homemade granola, dried golden raisins and cranberries. It looked gorgeous, and I ignored my normal temptation to separate all of my food items from each other and just mashed it all together. Good move. It was tangy, crunchy, chewy, sweet but not too sweet, and all-around scrumptious.

They also offered milk to go with our granola--the milk AND yogurt combo struck me as a bit odd, but I figured it was a great chance to bone up on some extra calcium.

We used up the rest of our dining credit and paid another $14 (including a good tip)--we definitely got our money's worth on this deal.

On a completely non-food-related note, how much do you love this table? It's a re-purposed door and I LOVE IT.

Now overall, our trip to Westport was not quite the waterside getaway I felt they advertised it to be, but the food at Eramosa was pretty darn good, so if you already happen to be in Westport, drop by and have a bite.

Eramosa at the Westport Inn
1595 Post Rd E Westport, CT 06880
(203) 259-5236

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