May 04, 2012

Golden Unicorn Dim Sum

My friend Carlota & I met up a while back for dim sum (speaking of Carlota, she is a Creativity Yenta--if you're looking to get yourself in gear, and can handle some NYC-style tough love, check her page out here) at a (formerly) favorite place of mine: Golden Unicorn. It's on East Broadway, which is a bit of a pain to get to, but until this visit, I always thought it was worth the hike.
Golden Unicorn will keep you full and happy with tons of bite-sized food that doesn't break the bank... but something was off this time. The food was .. okay. Not amazing. Not shut-your-mouth good.

The shrimp dumplings are still tasty--we got 2 orders of these and I happily dunked them in spicy mustard sauce for an extra kick.

The pork buns (photo at top of post) were in a perfectly soft and delicious roll, but the filling was too sweet for me. Meh.

Not sure what these meat-filled dumplings were, but we each took one bite and left them there. Bland and just not worth it.

A standby that hasn't gone down in taste or quality, at least--the sesame bites that I love. Carlota had never had these, and I was happy to see she likes them as much as I do.

You don't go to Golden Unicorn for the service--it's pretty brusque and there can be quite a language barrier (I speak a lot of languages but Chinese is not one of them), but if you're okay not always knowing what you're eating, it can be a fun trip. I just hate to report that the quality wasn't so great.

The meal still wasn't that pricey--about 15 per person including tip and a soda for each of us. I just didn't leave as wowed as I normally do when I hit up GU.

Carlota, I think this means we need to go out to Brooklyn's Chinatown-- East Harbor Seafood Palace (my visit/review here) kicks the pants off of Golden Unicorn!

Golden Unicorn

18 East Broadway

New York, NY 10002

(212) 941-0911

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Alison Chevalier said...

I totally want dim sum now. Would you believe I've never been to NYC chinatown? LKP, you need to now come to SF and compare dim sums!

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