February 09, 2009


I often cook for my friend/neighbor, Kelli, and she is only too happy to let me try new things, spring sudden recipes on her, etc. Many a Saturday morning she'll scuff up to my floor and join me for a very casual, very delicious big breakfast. She always jokes that she does all the eating and I do all the cooking, but she makes a killer guac, crazy-good scrambled eggs, and the best grilled cheese sandwiches I ever did taste, so it's not true. She also brought one of my new favorites into my life: Soft-boiled eggs.

I know, I know. These haven't been news since like, Ought-three. Except to me. I was a reluctant egg eater for most of my life. The slightest sign of jiggly whites and the gag reflex was irrevocably engaged. My scrambled eggs had to be SO cooked they were almost like styrofoam. An omelet with the slightest hint of gelatinous-like appearance would go untouched. As I mentioned, I was kinda picky. But over the years I got over most of my hangups, and poached eggs are actually one of the few foods I never tire of eating for breakfast. The soft-boiled eggs, however, still very much skeeved me out. But Kel had been a trouper and tried my zucchini sauté, my spicy hummus, my homemade meat sauce, and just about anything else I put on her plate, so I decided to give it a shot and try them. A few months ago she made them for me and while I enjoyed them, I didn't quite get it.

Then I got THESE babies from Williams-Sonoma and decided we should make them again. This time I left all the prep up to Kelli. I even let her (shudder) butter my toast. Yeah..you heard me right. When I eat scrambled eggs on toast, I don't butter the toast. Ew. Dry, please. Dry as sawdust. I don't like buttered toast unless it's going to be just that: buttered toast. No butter and jelly, no butter and sugar--just butter. But the butter, my dear readers, makes allll the difference. This was the road I had not taken lo those many months ago, and yea, verily, I regretted it. The saltiness of the toast slices just made the egg's creaminess even more heavenly. These were so tasty that I had them again that night for dinner. It takes 3 minutes to boil the eggs, during which time you can butter your toast, do the dishes, and dance a little jig in anticipation of the yumminess headed your way.

Live (and eat!) well!

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Jenny said...

Interesting... I have an egg hangup, too! I've never tried soft boiled. I am so with you on the dry toast though! Keep the blogs coming!

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