May 14, 2010

Street Sweets!

Every day I find another reason to love this city. The amazing quality of our street food is one! I had read about, heard about, searched for, the Street Sweets Dessert Truck for a while now, but it was just the other week (when my friend Jenny was in town) that my friend Melanie & I wandered past the truck, parked a few blocks from work. It was after a long, crazy Friday, and we zoomed right in on the teal-green truck.

We hemmed and hawed for quite a few minutes--there was a lot to choose from: mini chocolate chip loaves, cookies, whoopie pies, etc! I knew I was getting a whoopie pie. I'm constantly on the lookout for one that's anywhere close to as good as my Mom's. The filling is the toughest part to match. I took a chance on this truck's version.

Mel opted for the 'fat-free' chocolate walnut cookie, which is made mostly with egg whites, chocolate, and walnuts (no butter). I am sure it's low-fat, but anything with walnuts isn't going to be fat-free. Whatever, close enough! The brunette woman running the truck said this is her favorite by far, so Mel grabbed one. And holey moley was this cookie rich!! If you spot this truck, try. this. cookie.

My whoopie pie was pretty good too. The cookie parts were light and cakey, with just enough heft to them. The filling was good, but...not great. Something was missing to make it like my mom's filling, but it was NOT greasy, either. I hate greasy filling! This is a close contender to the original, that's for sure.

Our desserts were around 2 bucks each, and we definitely felt they were worth it. This stuff was clearly made from scratch. If you see this truck parked near you in the city, stop by for the chocolate-walnut cookie! And then text me the location! ;)

1 comment:

Halcyon said...

Remind me not to read this blog in the afternoon when I am getting hungry for dinner.

I think I would try one of the choc chip loaves as I don't care for cookies with filling and I can't eat walnuts. :( Although that cookie does look good.

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