March 12, 2011

Wine + Horses ZOMG!

I don't know why it took me so long to find this place, but there is an honest-to-goodness vineyard/horse rescue on Long Island. That sound? My head almost exploding from the awesomeness!

Baiting Hollow Farms Vineyard is a bit off the beaten path. ABF & I saw a sign of it last summer and I made a mental note to find more info....then forgot. :)

BHFV was our last stop that rainy, freezing March night, so it was mostly empty. We had the place almost to ourselves as I wandered around and checked out the abundant seating areas, cafe, mini-boutique and more. Then we sallied up to the bar for a quick tasting.

An ardent fan of rosé wine, I started my 3-wine tasting with BHFV Merlot Rosé. It was sweet but not cloyingly so.

Lil Sis isn't a huge wine fan, so she tried their dessert wine, the Cheval Blue. I didn't taste it, but it smelled fruity, especially like strawberry. She can be tough to read sometimes, but I think she liked it. :)

BHFV isn't just a vineyard--it's also a horse rescue! Proceeds from 2 of their blends go to support this effort, so I felt like I kind of HAD to try the Mirage, named after one of their horses (see the darker red, below). This was a nice drinkable blend, and I took a bottle home with me. It's around 24 dollars, which is more than I normally spend, but hello, HORSES!

There's a lot going on in the space at BHFV; they have food, a few seating areas, and even a corner with merchandise (including some sassy slogans on T-shirts). It was close to closing so I don't really have a feel yet for this place--the staff seems pretty young so they are a little shy at first, but once we got to talking they were welcoming. I get it, it's almost closing time, etc...fortunately I'm the kind of person who will just go on up and introduce herself anyway.

One of the girls who just started working there was explaining that they have horses and even a miniature horse (which I ADORE), and they get a lot of visitors in the warmer weather. You can learn about the horse rescue efforts, work to end needless horse slaughter and more, and what you can do to help here on their website.

Did I mention PONY RIDES? (NOT for adults, I'm sure sigh/foot stomp) We'll definitely have to give this place another visit (or several). Horses + Wine. I mean really.

Baiting Hollow Farms Vineyard & Horse Rescue
2114 Sound Avenue
Baiting Hollow, New York 11933
(631) 369-0100

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