March 02, 2011

Neptune Diner

My sister HLP came to town for a visit, and seeing as the airlines barely give you a seat, much less food, she was quite hungry upon arrival at LaGuardia. We hopped the bus from the airport to the subway stop and saw the Neptune Diner located on the corner.

We settled in a booth and persued the ginormous menu..and.. umm..jelly omelettes? I don't think I want to know....

We both picked cheeseburgers and Cokes. Not just any Coke..CHERRY Coke. Deeeelicious.

I ordered just the cheeseburger, no fries. It was charcoaly, perfectly cooked, and quite a deal.

Sistah was nice enough to let me eat some of her fries--thanks, sis!

The servers were helpful, affable, and good-humored gentlemen, and made the sistah's first few hours back in NYC quite enjoyable. It wasn't THE BEST BURGER EVAH, but it was definitely worth it, and extremely convenient if you're heading to/from LaGuardia airport!

Neptune Diner
3105 Astoria Blvd
Astoria, NY 11102
(718) 278-4853

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