February 23, 2011

TJ's Coffee Cake

One lazy weekend, ABF & I decided to try the Trader Joe's coffee cake mix with breakfast.

It's pretty idiot-proof...the bags are clearly labeled just in case you can't tell which is which (and trust me, when I'm sleepy enough, I've been known to mix the two.

It's super simple to put together, and I relished the chance to get my hands in the mix!

It bakes up in about 45 minutes. I found myself getting impatient towards the end, but if you put it in first thing as you go about getting breakfast ready, it won't feel quite so long.

I really enjoyed this--it's buttery, crumbly, ,and quite tasty. It sells for about 3 bucks a box. It's a handy little something to keep in your pantry for a rainy weekend morning!

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