February 18, 2011

Fragole--Still Got it!

My friend Jen introduced me to Fragole a few years ago, and we realized it had been over a year since we last ate there together..time to fix that!

Fragole has a wine list with every bottle 28 dollars each (some premium wines are higher--but those often go half off on certain days!) We decided to split a bottle of Torrontes. I don't drink white as much these days, but I find Torrontes to be consistently crisp, fresh, and drinkable...and this one definitely was.

We started with the Insalata Rustica: Roasted red and yellow peppers, buffalo mozzarella, house-made marinated artichokes and olives tossed with greens. Homina homina--this was scrumptious!

Normally I get the black linguine with shrimp (stellar!) but this time I tried the fresh pappardelle with short rib ragu. It was pretty fantastic. I saved half for the next day, and it was even better. However, I think I still prefer the black linguine. I'll need to go back soon to verfiy. ;)

Jen got her go-to dish--the salmon with capers (which I now loooove, wasn't so sure on my last visit), mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach.

This is a great dish, too! We were both careful enough to save room for dessert. And not just any dessert...THE dessert.

The cheesecake was just as delicious as last time, but much, much smaller and more structured. The last time we ate it, it was more of a deconstructed dessert. This time it was more centered and together--I liked it better the old way, but that didn't stop me from cleaning the plate. ;)

I can't imagine Fragole turning out a disappointing dish. This place is still at the top of my list for Favorite Eats, whether in Brooklyn or not!

394 Court St
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 522-7133

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