February 16, 2011

Argo Tea Tasting!

My coworker Patty put her business card in the jar for an Argo Tea giveaway and actually won! She was gracious enough to share her tea tasting with her coworkers, and the Argo Tea folks (really, Devonte) brought the snacks and drinks to our weekly editorial meeting--win!

Along with some pastries and hot coffee, Devonte also brought us a pesto sandwich, muffins, and their latest seasonal drink, Red Velvet, which is a hot red tea, white chocolate, and raspberry. I think everyone in the room really enjoyed this drink--it's sweet but not too sweet, and it has unexpectedly delicious layers of flavor. Wow.

The pesto sandwiches were really good. The bread was pleasingly soft, the sundried tomatoes were tangy, and the pesto was cracktastic--I couldn't get enough of it. I found the Swiss cheese a little off-putting myself, but not enough to stop eating.

These were perfect little snacks!

I shared a chocolate croissant with a coworker, but I wasn't crazy about it.

I also had a bite of the chocolate chip cookie, and it was okay, but not for the almost 500-calorie count!

My favorite item by far is one of their newest: the green tea muffin.

This has a strong matcha flavor--which you might guess by its bright green appearance. It had a crunchy top and fluffy insides, and I not only shared one with 2 coworkers, I also shared more of another. I'm coming back for some piping hot Red Velvet and a green tea muffin!

Argo has several locations in NYC and Chicago (where they're based)--visit here for more info!

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Halcyon said...

We never get stuff like this where I work. Yumm!!!

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