January 26, 2012

Street Eats: Biryani King

A new truck has been parked outside my office building for a while now, and on a cold, windy January day, I took the plunge and ordered some chicken tikka masala from the Desi Food Truck, aka Biryani King. While waiting for my $6.00 lunch (score!), I read their menu and realized that I'd have to come back and try just about everything else they have to offer.

Look at all that delicious goodness up for grabs! Nothing is over 10 bucks, and most items are 5 dollars or under!

It was a windy, freezing cold day out, so people would grab their food and go. I heard one British guy mutter "It's too bloody cold to wait" as he dashed off somewhere else. I only waited about 3 minutes--quite bearable. Where's that stiff upper lip??

The ad claims that the chicken is all white meat. I'm gonna have to say while the chicken was delicious, it was absolutely NOT all white meat. There was a lot of dark meat, which I am learning to appreciate, but still-that phrasing might need to be updated. However, it was saucy, spicy, and quite good. Best I ever had? No, but worth waiting a minute or 3 on 49th street.

I'm definitely going back to try the Kati rolls, the puri bhaji (2 for $41!) and a delicious looking lentil stew--all under 5 or 6 bucks! You can't miss the colorful truck--or follow them on Twitter (@DesiFoodTruck) to find out where they are each day!

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