February 03, 2012

New Wonjo

After an awesome night of karaoke with some gals from work, my coworker C & I realized we'd gone all night without eating food. No bueno!
We walked right next door to New Wonjo, which just happens to be open 24 hours (thank goodness, because it was almost midnight at this point)!

We got a table immediately in the spacious dining area. Every table has its own little grill in the middle of the table--and they are apparently well-known for their Korean BBQ. I'll have to come back to get a chance to try it!

We had a spread of pickled veggies before us. I had some kimchi and I think I may have polished off the broccoli (it's one of my favorite foods)---sorry about that C!

The menu is huge and overwhelming, so it took us a while to pick our dishes. We each got bowls of rice & veggies with beef for C & octopus for me (look at me now, Ma!).

The server was friendly, helpful, and quick! My dish came with a fried egg, which the server sliced table-side and mixed into the dish.

He also gamely let me take a shot or two of him at work. When I asked what his favorite dish is at New Wonjo, he told me it was mine, the octopus dish. Score!

I do wish, however, that he'd warned us how hot our bowls were. Mine was warm, but C's was sizzling, I mean hot in a volcanic measure, and it actually singed the inside of her arm. Thankfully the burn is starting to heal, but I feel bad every time I see the angry half-circle.

My octopus was chewy but not too much, and the dish was nice and spicy.

Prices are not cheap, between $15-16 per person, but hey, when you're starving at midnight, you're willing to pay a premium!
New Wonjo
23 West 32nd Street
New York, NY 10001-3801
(212) 695-5815

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