February 23, 2012

The Cookie Jar (Newport, RI)

While walking through Newport's picturesque waterfront, ABF & I popped into The Cookie Jar to grab some sweet treats. It was almost impossible to resist the smells of freshly-baked cookies that lured us inside.

The Cookie Jar also offers coffee and hot chocolate, but we were on a food-only mission.

We picked up an M & M cookie (sugar cookie dotted with M & M candies, a fave of ABF's), a peanut butter, and a Snickerdoodle (one of my faves).

The peanut butter was wicked rich--I wish I'd had a glass of ice-cold milk to go with it. Just a few bites was all I could manage. That's not a bad thing at all--this is just a very intense cookie--if you can eat two of these, consider me impressed!

I had plenty of room, however, for the Snickerdoodle, which had a salty kick behind the cinnamon-sugar coating. Delish!

The favorite for us both, however, was the M & M cookie. We actually took a few more for the road, and they did not live long!

If you're in Newport, pop in here for cookies so delicious you'll swear my mom (or maybe even yours) gave them her recipes!

The Cookie Jar
29 Bowens Wharf
Newport, RI 02840
(401) 846-5078

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