November 06, 2012

Atlanta: Highland Bakery

The Highland Bakery is just steps from the hotel where we stayed in Atlanta. I heard from some of my Facebook friends that I could get a decent cup of coffee here-- and days later, craving some quality caffeine, this trip was long overdue.
I headed over there to pick up some breakfast sandwiches for ABF & me, as well as COFFEE. Hot, steaming, aromatic, best-part-of-waking-up coffee. Two larges, please. I was so excited, I forgot to take pictures. FORGOT!

It was good coffee, too.

The breakfast sandwiches, though? Mostly meh.

The bagels at this place tasted a bit tough and flat, stale, even. It could just be too different from a good NYC bagel. The 'sausage' is actually turkey sausage (I didn't tell ABF until after he ate it), and it was okay, but two patties was overkill for me.

I ended up taking mine out of the bagel and eating it with a knife and fork, not for lower carb count, but because I just didn't care for the texture.

I also surprised ABF with some mini cinnamon rolls that LOOKED awesome but did not taste awesome. The rolls were thick, clunky, and tasteless, and the icing was that greasy, bland type that, to me, tastes like unsalted butter and nothing else. I would have loved some tangy cream cheese icing on these-- I felt slightly misled!

While our takeout experience was sub-par, I saw a lot of really tempting, well-crafted dishes pass by me while I waited inside the store. I would go back again and try a sit-down experience and order one of their dishes.

Highland Bakery

1180 Peachtree Street NE, Ste-C

Atlanta, GA 30309


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