November 10, 2012

Atlanta: The Flying Biscuit Cafe

Ahh, crowdsourcing-- often a great way to narrow down your options when visiting another city. Flying Biscuit Cafe came highly recommended--tying with Thumbs Up Diner for number of votes.

It was a 20 minute walk from our hotel, so LaShauna & I met up with a fellow bridesmaid for some serious breakfast time. That spot normally has a line out the door, but we got there early (does EVERYONE in Atlanta sleep late?) and sat immediately.

We started with drinks-- coffee for me (again, not great), and a Midtown rainbow for the other two ladies. A Midtown rainbow is champagne with watermelon juice and fresh fruit. And there was a LOT of fresh fruit in those drinks-- nice!

I caved later and had a mangomosa-- a spin on the mimosa, but with mango nectar instead of peach. Deeeeelicious! And huge! I am a pansy with carbonation, though-- I couldn't finish this.

The menu is a bit overwhelming-- so many options! I finally settled on the breakfast burrito, which came with scrambled eggs, onions,peppers, hot tomato salsa and sour cream over the whole delicious mess. A biscuit and their famous 'creamy, dreamy grits' came as well. I'm not a grits person (on account of the actual grittiness), but shut my MOUTH these were good grits. Probably made with heavy cream and other horribly delicious ingredients-- but I don't CARE. Those grits are GOOD. Damn good. They were almost like rice pudding, with a salty tang to them. More, please!

(Angela is a grits connoisseur and she did not care for them. LaShauna & I agreed to disagree with her ;)

I also got a half order of their French toast, as the menu promised raspberry sauce and creme anglais. Done. And it was sensational. Woo! I don't normally go for sweet for breakfast, but this was really, really, really good.

The biscuit at Flying Biscuit cafe was just okay to me. It felt more like a roll or a scone, even. They come with their signature apple butter, which was insanely good, but I prefer a nice slab of salted butter on my biscuits, not sweet stuff. I would, however, enjoy that apple butter on some toast, or as a fruit dip, or frankly, by the spoonful.

The ladies each got scrambled eggs-- regular for LaShauna, and salmon for Angela. The salmon pieces were not nearly as plentiful as Angela would have liked (and my salmon eggs later that week at Thumbs Up were chock FULL of fish!).

The Flying Biscuit ended up being one of my favorite meals that week. Great food, atmosphere and service, and I would come back just for a bowl of those grits. That's right-- this sworn Yankee would go back there FOR GRITS.

They have lots of locations in Atlanta (and one in FL)! Try the grits, and get back to me... are you in Camp Angela or Camp LKP & LaShauna??

The Flying Biscuit Cafe

1001 Piedmont Ave.

Atlanta, GA 30309

(404) 874-8887

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