January 30, 2013

Fletcher's Brooklyn BBQ

My friend Carlota invited me for a night of good food in Brooklyn, and we met up at Fletcher's Brooklyn BBQ, a 2-minute walk from several trains in the Gowanus neighborhood. I've been disappointed in a LOT of BBQ spots that seem very popular in NYC, but Carlota assured me THIS one was worth the trip.

Fletcher's has an open kitchen plan, it smells like a woodsy, smoky, wonderful heaven, and the staff was surprisingly friendly when I walked in the door. They welcomed me and invited me to order a drink and have a seat at the bar (don't mind if I do! ) I was excited to see Long Island Wines on the menu, so I ordered a glass of Wolffer Estate Merlot ($9), which came in a small mason jar. Wolffer makes an excellent Merlot, I think! (Carlota had one of the Shinn Estate Vineyards' unoaked Chardonnays)

They also gave me some complimentary oyster crackers (the biggest ones I've ever seen) that were generously, spicily seasoned. These babies are SPICY...but tasty! I could only eat a few of them, but I thought the spicy smokiness was just lovely with the Merlot.

You order your meats & sides at the counter, and they serve them up on a tray. We didn't even bother with plates-- we just dove right into the goodness!

Carlota ordered the pork sandwich-- the pork on its own was smoky, juicy, and delicious on a soft roll. I think she added sauce later but it was great either way. Her side of cole slaw was just okay to me, but we know slaw isn't one of my 'things.'

We also had some of their cheesy, saucy macaroni and cheese. This was nice, smooth, almost bechamel-like. A small was enough for both of us, and I'd say, yeah, it was pretty good!

My dish, however, stole the show. It was the char-siu pork steak ($28/lb, my serving was 3 slices, around 1/4 lb), which had a marinade of hoisin sauce, ginger, honey and more. Wow. This was not just gorgeous (look at that pretty smoke ring around the meat!), but it was gorgeously flavored, tender, not dry at all. It comes with a special dipping sauce that was finger-licking-good, too. I could have eaten a lot more than three pieces!

Fletcher's isn't Cheap Eats territory (it was $26 pp for one glass of wine & our food), but I found it quite delicious, and the friendly service definitely puts it higher up on my list, too. Almost every worker chimed in about the delicious offerings and seemed genuinely passionate and interested in what they do there. Thanks to the gigantic red smoker (brought in from Texas, pictured below), the whole place smells wonderfully of burning wood and tangy flavors. You go home pleasantly sated (though not stuffed) and smelling great, too!

Fletcher's Brooklyn BBQ

433 3rd Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11215‎

(347) 763-2680

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