July 30, 2013

Bliss Bros. Dairy-- New Look! (MA)

My favorite restaurant as I was growing up in Attleboro was Bliss Brothers' Dairy: their burgers and sundaes are nostalgia in food form! Shortly after ABF's & my last visit, they went under a major remodel, which we got to see for ourselves last month while making our way up towards Maine.
I was relieved to see that it basically looks the same, just fresher and more modern. There's new flooring, the booths all got tuneups, and a former coat-rack area now has even more seating. Even though we arrived a bit before the lunch rush, the place was packed (though I took these pics on our way out when it was, well, less packed)!

Of course, the change comes with new menus, including a separate 'build your own burger' list for each person at the table. Fun, but perhaps for another visit! You see, it is extremely rare that I have a 'usual' anywhere-- but that is absolutely the case at Bliss.

I started with a raspberry lime rickey. NO ONE makes a more delicious one than Bliss. ABF had a Coke, and they both came in these classic soda shop-style glasses.
The companion to my 'usual' beverage? The Bliss Special: a burger with Vermont Cheddar, bacon, lettuce & tomato. I wouldn't change a single thing about this burger. It is sublime.

My burger was definitely cooked past medium (my preferred way to eat a burger), but it was still juicy and satisfying. I love, love, love the crinkle fries, too.

ABF ordered their Cuban sandwich, which is definitely a new item for their menu! This MUST have weighed a few pounds-- it is a huge, hefty serving, something you could easily split. ABF didn't even finish it, and he's one tall dude!

I had two, maybe three bites of ABF's sandwich... it was crispy, salty, delicious, and above and beyond what I expected. Well played, Bliss!
ABF said he was too full for his own dessert, so instead of getting my usual small-sized butterfudge (BUTTERSCOTCH + FUDGE IS AMAZING) sundae, I upsized it to share. ABF had more than a few bites of this, and he happily admitted I'd made the right call. Butterfudge is ALWAYS the right call!

On our way back to the car, I had to stop for a drink at the 'bubblah,' or bubbler, an old Massachusetts-area nickname for water fountains (a term I dropped very quickly once some Oklahoma middle schoolers mercilessly ridiculed me for using it -- ah, first day at Sequoyah, you were a HOOT!). We used to stop at the bubbler on our way out-- I don't know about you, but ice cream always makes me crazy thirsty.
Anyway, that bubbler has been around for as long as I can remember-- and it's still.. bubbling! Some things, at least for now, DO stay the same!
The bubblah!
I was very happy to see that while Bliss has had a nice face lift, it still is just as delicious, welcoming, and affordable as always. I hope it's around for another century or so-- long live butterfudge!
Bliss Bros. Dairy

711 Park Street

Attleboro, MA 02703

(508) 222-2884

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