May 09, 2014

Food Truck Friday: Red Hook Lobster Pound

The last few times I've made it to the Red Hook Lobster Pound's truck, they've been out of lobstah! It makes sense-- due to my work schedule, my 'lunch' hour doesn't start until about 2:30. I don't EXPECT them to still have food at that time, but I can't help but try.

This week, I got lucky! At 2:30 I spotted the truck right outside our Midtown office (normally it's a short walk down 6th Avenue), and they still had rolls!

I wanted the "Connecticut style" (warm with butter-- is that a CT thing??), but they were out of those. They only had the "Maine style" (with homemade lemon mayo). Normally I like my lobster rolls cold, tossed with melted butter, but I was willing to try something new.

Since I was one of their final customers of the day, and they didn't have the roll I wanted, the guy running the truck kindly threw in a free Maine root beer (and I threw some ones into the tip jar)! If you've never tried one of the Maine brand of sodas, you are denying your taste buds a delicious privilege. Every flavor, from blueberry to sarsaparilla to root beer, is perfectly balanced, not too sweet, and not too bubbly, either!

Don't be shellfish-- leave some clams in the tip jar!
The roll was ready in no time-- the bun was toasted on the outside, buttery on the inside, and the filling was phenomenal-- fresh, tender, delicious lobster with a scattering of crunchy scallions. I wasn't sure I'd like the onions in it, but they really made that roll sing. The lemon mayo was applied sparingly, which I appreciated, and the lemony kick was pretty good (I don't really like mayo, so this is high praise from me).
I would definitely go back to this truck again-- even if it meant walking a bit. The roll was $16, which is about double what I normally pay for lunch, but it was worth it! You can read the truck's menu here, or follow them on Twitter @lobstertruckny

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