September 28, 2009

Clinton Street Baking Company

Clinton Street Baking Company has long been on my "List," aka the ever-growing, ever-changing list of places I'd like to eat/visit in NYC. This place is famous for hour-plus long lines to get in on the weekends, though, and I'm so over that point in my life. I feel there are so many great restaurants where you DON'T have to wait that long, that I'm not about to waste my time at one like that. My friend Laura and I felt especially clever and figured we'd trick the system and show up on Monday morning. There was still a line, but we were seated within minutes.

Most of the reviews I'd read sang the praises of the pancakes, especially the blueberry ones. As I've mentioned, I'm not a huge pancakes fan. I'll eat them once or twice a year, and that's plenty for me. However, I figured it was best to follow the advice of the rave reviews and try the specialty of the house. I ordered the blueberry pancakes with Maine blueberries. They come with a side of maple butter, which as far as I can tell, is liquid crack. ;) I am not a huge fan of maple syrup, either. I like it on my pancakes, but then once I'm done eating I need it out of my face because the smell makes me a little queasy. Yeah, I'm weird. You know this already, don't look so surprised.

The pancakes did not disappoint. They have a crunchy, crispy edge with billowy fluffiness in the middle. It's spread throughout with big juicy berries, and there is a nice taste of citrus as well. They're zesty and flavorful all on their own, but they're sublime when you add the maple butter (and I used every last drop of that stuff).

Laura is on a huevos rancheros kick lately, so she got their version, which came with over easy eggs, guacamole, and what looked like a guacamole-sour cream concoction. She said hers were very good, too. I tried a slice of the chorizo and it was muy delicioso.

Normally I'd get something savory on the side: some bacon, eggs, something protein-y, but these pancakes were so big (and the serving so large) that I didn't want to crowd my stomach with any distractions!

Clinton Street Baking Company
4 Clinton Street
New York, NY 10002
(646) 602-6263

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