March 23, 2010

Schnipper's Kitchen

Imagine my surprise to find a juicy, finger-licking good burger in Times Square! And it wasn't outrageously priced, either! I had just picked up my bridesmaid dress with two other bridesmaids, and as it was nearing 7, we stopped for a late but quick dinner at Schnippers, located in the New York Times building. Laura had eaten here before and said it was really good. I was thisclose to ordering their fish taco (still on a kick from my Texas trip), but at the last second I asked the girl at the register if the taco was better than the burger, and she said you HAVE to get the burger here. I saw one with roasted poblano chilies, and my decision was made. Green chile cheeseburger with a Blue Moon beer on the side, please! We saw them make each burger to order from hand-made patties (not the frozen, industrial type) and toast each roll as the order arrived, too.

Look at this beauty! Toasted roll, oozing cheese, juicy burger. My stomach is growling just looking at this photo again. It's a bit of a jostle at times (they give you a vibrating remote device that goes off when your order is ready), depending on how busy it is, but the wait is not long, and oh-my-tastebuds is it worth it.

Laura didn't hear my last minute change, and went with the fish taco. She said it was okay, but not great. She opted for the grilled fish, which she said was pretty bland. It wasn't bad, just not as noteworthy as the burger. Now we know. ;)

Heather opted for the regular cheesburger, and hers looked lovely. It came with a bright red tomato, crisp green-leaf lettuce, and a melty slice of cheese.

We also tried the sweet potato fries (Laura's recommendation) and the onion rings. I love onion rings, and these were good, but not outstanding. The sweet potato fries, however, were perfect. Salty, crisp on the outside, and so so satisfying. The sweet potato flavor really came through. It was perfectly salted, nicely balanced, and they were light and yummy.

As I mentioned earlier, I went for the Green Chile Cheeseburger. I've been FEENING for Poblano chilies this week, and this temporarily satisfied the craving. This burger was soooo good. The cheese was gooey but not gritty or greasy, and the chilies were perfectly roasted, with just a hint of heat in the sauce to ramp it all up.

My burger was 8.99 with no sides, but I so felt it was worth it. It's also not a huuuge burger, so I didn't walk away feeling overstuffed. I recommend this place if you're in the area!

Schnippers Kitchen
620 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10018
(212) 921-2400

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