March 25, 2010

I'm Fondue You, Too!

Another meeting of the bridesmaids happened recently, though this was non-wedding related! Heather, Laura & I met to celebrate Laura's new job (WOO HOO!) and toast her newest adventure. Laura narrowed it down to a few places in the Lower East Side, but a quick glance of the Bourgeois Pig's website lured me in with the promise of half-off wine!

I walked up to the location and didn't see any outdoor signage--just a vague-looking possible entry where a man was talking on the phone. I slowed down, surveyed the scene, and the man paused in his conversation. Here's something to know about me: I long ago stopped caring if I look silly or foolish or not cool enough. I had friends to meet and wine to share, so I just flat out said "Where is the door for this place?" Turns out it was the door, and I think the man was the manager. He led me indoors and I saw my friends smiling at the bar--what a lovely feeling that is, to be greeted by friends in an unfamiliar place!

The place is dimly lit, luxuriously decorated, and quite the buzzing spot. We were happy to sit at the bar, where our helpful bartender and server was friendly, not at all distant, and offered great advice for our selections. We'd been considering 2 different fondues, and when we mentioned the mushroom, he absoutely gave it high marks. We ordered it, and it was yea, verily, quite good. Mushrooms, fresh thyme, sherry and the traditional Gruyere and Emmenthaler cheeses came together in a wonderful way.

The savory fondue comes with an assortment of bite-sized yummies: roasted artichokes, peppers, and other veggies, bread chunks of several types (including olive!), fresh fruit, and some delicious roasted herbed potatoes. The potatoes were probably everyone's favorite part--cooked just enough to be tender, but not so tender that they fell apart in the swirling, swoon-worthy cheese. Mmmm....Cheese. The tart apples were great with the cheese, and so were the grapes! We enjoyed this with a lovely bottle of red, the 2006 Domaine Remejeanne, a Rhones Valley wine blend of Grenache (love!), Syrah and Mourverdre. This had peppery notes, strong tannins, and went perfectly with our cheese fondue.

Then it was time for something sweet.

We all agreed quite quickly on the dark chocolate with chili and cinnamon. Triple awesome! The heat was very mild, never too much, and the cinnamon was an excellent addition. We dunked strawberries, grapes, bananas, pound cake (with cranberries, a bit too tart for me), and decadent, melt in your mouth brownies. Ohhhh, the brownies. SO good.

We thoroughly enjoyed our hours here. The staff were all super-welcoming and helpful, not at all pretentious, just friendly, glad to see you types. I highly recommend this spot, and I will gladly return!

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Halcyon said...

There was an awesome bar/cafe called the Bourgeois Pig when I went to uni in Lawrence, Kansas. I believe it is still there. I'd go to this place just for the name. But the fondue looks great too!

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