March 03, 2010

A Slice Melts in Brooklyn

Pizza Wagon is one of the first places my old roomie & I hit when checking out Bay Ridge. We were living on the Upper East Side at the time, a great neighborhood, but we were broke as heck! Ann knew Kelli has a great apartment in this one building, so Kelli offered to give us a tour and take us around the neighborhood. Her apartment was ridiculously big and ridiculously cheap, so we were off to a hopeful start. Then we hit the pizza place. I took one bite and said 'Okay, we can move here.' As time went on, my roomie became less enamored with the pizza, but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for their squares, aka Sicilian style pizza.

The pizza is always fresh and piping hot, and I love that they have garlic powder shakers on the table. YUM! I can't put enough of this on my pizza (along with a healthy helping of red pepper flakes). The crust is soft but not squishy, with a nice crispy crunch to it. It's 2.25 for each slice, but it's worth it to me! One square is plenty to fill me up and keep me going. One square with a serious layer of garlic powder, of course. Kel gets the plain slices for her 'usual.'

Pizza Wagon also has a walk-up window (in the right-hand side of the first photo) where you can order your slices or pies to go. I stopped by there many a time while dogsitting Fifi (my mom's late, great marvelous moppet). We could walk right up to the window and wait for our slice (no, I never shared--garlic is bad for dogs!) and people-watch.

I've been in this neighborhood for almost seven years (or is it 8? time flies), and this remains one of my few go-to, still as good as it was back when, spots.

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Forchetta said...

I haven't been here in a million years! Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

Love your blog!

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