April 24, 2010

The Chocolate Room

How good is this place? Soooo good that ABF (who is not really a 'chocolate' person), routinely asks "When can we go back to the Chocolate Room?" It's THAT good.

ABF & I walked from Brooklyn Heights to Cobble Hill one Sunday, which was a pretty good haul. I was expecting it to be a little stuffy and unwelcoming, but everyone behind the counter was absolutely pleasant, welcoming us in and inviting us to take a seat. It smells HEAVENLY inside. Chocolate and goodness and such.

As soon as we took our seats, the sincerely friendly server brought us each a tasting of their homemade, dairy-free, chocolate sorbet. It was a mouthful of dark and tasty yum.

The menu is scrumptious-sounding, start to finish, and each item comes with a suggested drink pairing, from wine to cordials. We were there that day just for the dessert, but someday I'll go back and try a pairing. Someday soon, I hope. :) For that night, ABF & I quickly agreed to split the brownie sundae. Chocolate Room makes their own ice cream AND their own freshly-whipped cream. Drool. I had a coffee (strong and delicious), and ABF had an amazingly creamy cappuccino.

The answer to "When can we go back there?" is: "Not soon enough."

The Chocolate Room
86 5th Avenue
New York, NY 11217
(718) 783-2900


Amelia said...

I would probably gain weight by just entering the front door!

NMOS said...

That place looks great. The desserts certainly look delectable. There's a similar "mocha bar" here in Seattle, Dilettante's. They serve up some delicious chocolate edibles like those. Thanks.

Simply Life said...

wow, that looks great!

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