April 01, 2010

Victor's Cafe, parte dos

While we enjoyed our savory dishes at Victor's, the group was unanimous that there was DEFINITELY room for dessert.

Ah, si, los postres!! Bring on the sweet stuff!!!

The dessert menu has an extensive, varied list of offerings. So many, in fact, that I was a bit overwhelmed. I waited to see what everyone else ordered so I could narrow down my choices. Jenna finally helped me out by offering to split the gorgeous guava cobbler if I shared my dessert. Look at this beauty!

Another popular dessert? The bruléed pineapple. I was thisclose to ordering it, because I love some broiled pineapple and brown sugar, but Sabrina was sitting next to me and offered to get that. What a stunning dessert! And as beautiful as it was, it was even tastier than it looked!

Flan, normally, is the absolute LAST thing I'd order for dessert. In fact, I'd rarely eat it for free. But this one lured me in with the promise of coconut. Also? I used to HATE coconut. Clearly my tastes are changing. I shared a few bites with Sabrina, who shared her pineapple awesomeness with me. It was good but not amazing. Better than regular flan, but I didn't even finish it all.

Beth ordered the churros, which came with 3 dipping sauces. They looked lovely, and she said the churros were good, but the sauces were disappointing. I was bummed to hear it, because the presentation had everyone's hopes up!

Of course, no dessert menu is complete without a molten chocolate cake. Emily was sitting to the left of me and shared a bite of hers. It was intense, serious, hard-core chocolate. Me gusta MUCHO!

And what's a meal in a Cuban restaurant without a cafe con leche? This was earthy, strong, and a wonderful cap to a great meal. Final recap? Seafood seems to be their strong suit, and you definitely need to save room for dessert. I'll go back for the snapper ceviche and guava cobbler!! Meet you there!

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