April 12, 2010

Bridgeview Diner

Bridgeview Diner is within walking distance of my apartment in Bay Ridge. It's a little worn, the decor is from the 60s, and it's not the freshest, brightest spot on the block, but oh, they'll feed you well.

They have your standard diner fare, and almost everything I've had there was delicious. My favorite thing to get there is their burger. I consistently forget, however, that with every savory dish you order, they bring you a big serving of cole slaw (do not want) and pickles. The pickles are usually more cucumber-y than pickled just yet, but this one was green and fresh and good. The cole slaw is just not my thing. NO cole slaw is my thing. I tried a few bites, and it was okay, and I had no trouble eating it, but there is something about the texture, the consistency, and just the essence of cole slaw that I do not like. I try it once or twice a year just to see if my tastes have changed. Guess what? They haven't.

Their burgers are AWESOME. They always manage to have that charcoal-y, briquet-y, cooked-in-your-own-backyard kind of flavor that makes it feel like summer.


My diner companion, the lovely Miss Kelli, was in the mood for breakfast (ooh! Breakfast for Dinner post coming soon!), so she got her usual eggs & bacon with French Toast. She always offers to share, but I was strictly in a burger mood this night. I can vouch, however, for their breakfasts being good and affordable!

The only thing I'd say to avoid at Bridgeview is anything alcoholic. I once ordered a Sidecar or Manhattan or some other such drink (often featured in the old-style paper placemats) and one sip almost scorched my throat. It was alllll booze. Yowsa. You can't go wrong with the food, though! And it's open 24/7--what are you doing just standing there--go save me a seat!!!

Bridgeview Diner
9011 3rd Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 680-9819

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Anonymous said...

There's nothing like a NY/NJ diner...they can't even come close out here in CO....breakfast at 3 am or 3 pm...yummy.

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