August 16, 2010

Cool Cocktails: Watermelon Margarita

In celebration of my birth-week, and in an homage to the dog days of summer, I'm featuring a fabulous cocktail recipe each day this week! Today I'm starting off with one of my favorites: the watermelon margarita. I actually got this recipe from Cooking Light--each serving is about 100 calories! It's also gorgeous!

You don't even need a blender--I poured everything into a pitcher and then mashed it up with a potato masher--I wanted a drink with bits of fresh fruit and some heft.

I also took a melon baller and made cute little balls o' can see the mercilessly-hacked fruit in that lovely photo. It was a lot of fun, though pretty messy. Then I speared speared the melon balls with my American flag toothpicks. The fruit soaks up the cocktail and is all kinds of yum.

Ahhh...doesn't it just scream summer?

What's your favorite summer drink? Drop a comment and tune in this week to find out if it's one of mine, too!

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