August 20, 2010

Cool Cocktails: Key Lime Martini

This is one of my all-time favorite cocktails. I'm almost always disappointed when I order them at restaurants or bars, so I usually stick with my homemade version (a recipe I got from my old roommate, Ann). Trust me--stick to this one and thank me later. This could easily stand in for dessert..dreamily delicious!

You can use whole milk if you're really freaked out about the cream/half and half, but it's only a few tablespoons per serving and it really makes a difference.

Also, please don't take my word for it--make this at home and see if your guests aren't asking for another round (or 3--ahem, please drink responsibly!)

Ann's Key Lime Martini (serves 2)
6 Tablespoons Licor 43 (Cuarenta y Tres)
2 Tablespoons citrus vodka
4 Tablespoons key lime juice
4 Tablespoons heavy cream (or half and half)

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