June 15, 2011

Jackson Diner in NYC

Kwame & I were on a quest one sunny Sunday for some Indian food. I took him to Cafe Spice, only to find it was now an outpost for Jackson Diner, one of the most-lauded Indian spots in Jackson Heights, Queens. Their new spot in NYC boasted a 9.95 all-you-can-eat buffet. Not a bad price! I pushed aside my disappointment that the amazing chicken Korma Carlota & I once shared was gone, and we stepped in for lunch.

The buffet offers a fair split of vegetarian and non-veggie items. The traditional lentil and veggie dishes are there, the ever-popular chicken tikka masala, a curried goat, and a fresh, vibrant salad at the end.

It was hot as Hades that day, so I opted for water, water, and more water, though I saw other people ordered Lassis, and they do still have a full bar. We were also happy to see a basket of naan bread arrive almost magically--no extra charge (even more magical)!!

I grabbed a bit of almost everything (not the goat): tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, some fried peppers, fluffy rice, lentils, and more. Not a bad spread! Everything was good, but the tandoori chicken was EXCELLENT--tender, juicy, and finger-licking-good (is that still copyrighted? Hope not)

I had some green salad with oil & vinegar as well. I grabbed a few too many cucumbers, but I did the best I could.

There was a serving dish full of rice pudding, and Kwame & I made a trip for some of that. He didn't care for the texture, but I loved it. It was almost more like a thickened rice soup instead of a more cohesive pudding. This had wonderful almond flavor to it, and plenty of cashews. I don't normally dig the desserts at Indian places, but I ate every bite of this!

This is definitely worth a trip back. All-you-can-eat is a rarity in NYC, and even more rare is tasty AYCE! I only made one trip, but I got to sample a little bit of everything. I would have even gone for a second bite of tandoori chicken if I hadn't consumed a pitcher's worth of water during my first plate! 9.95 for all that is more than a bargain! It's also a nice, roomy spot with lots of light and the staff doesn't rush you on your way. Two forks up for this spot!

Jackson Diner
72 University Place
New York, NY 10003
(212) 466-0820

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